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    1. Welcome to Jaypee®

      Jaypee® India Limited is a one point solution provider for construction engineering industry. With over 35 years of expertise, we understand the challenges in the manufacturing process and the opportunities to improve Productivity. We have achieved great success by empowering every user in the enterprise with the tools to benchmark...

      We are the manufacturer of following construction equipment products:

      • Bar Bending Machine
      • Reversible Drum Mixer
      • Walk Behind Vibratory Roller
      • Construction Hoist / Passenger Hoist
      • Automatic Batching Plant
      • Bar De-coiling Straightening Cutting Machine
      • Tower Hoist / Builder Hoist
      • Suspended Platform Hoist
      • Material Hoist
      • Bar Cutting Machine
      • Concrete Mixer
      • Plate Compactor

      What's New

      Jaypee Italia

      Jaypee's brand new product range of light concrete machinery, which includes HF Electric Converters, HF Eccentric vibrators, HF Vibrators with integrated electronic converters and Generators For high frequency vibrators received amazing response from the customer's at EXCON 2013.

      > More

      Customer's Speak

      • Radhakishan Pawar - Larsen & Toubro Limited
        I am writing to thank you for the quality of service provided by your company. We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service. We look forward to continuing this relationship.
      • General Manager - SUGAM PARK
        We have purchased Builders Hoists from your company. We are very much satisfied with your after sales service.
      • Mr. Gautam Dutta - Sr. Manager - Procurement - Gannon Dunkerley & Co. Ltd.
        We have been working with Jaypee for more than 15 years now. We have always received good quality equipments from the service response is extremely high.
      • Mr. Raj Kumar Das - Simplex Infrastructure Limited
        We are customers of Jaypee for quite a few equipment since last twelve year. We are quite satisfied with their product and services.

      T:+91 33 2242 3681 / 9514 F: +91 33 2243 2545 E: solutions@jaypee.in Service Help Line: 9674515151
      Head Office: 11, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sarani (Clive Row), Kolkata 700 001, India.
      copyright © 2018 jaypee group all rights reserved.

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